Acea’s history

Since its establishment in 1909 as the Azienda Elettrica Municipale (AEM) of the Municipality of Rome, Acea has been responsible for the maintenance and development of the capital’s essential infrastructure, providing modern and efficient electricity and water services as a basic guarantee of the city’s productive growth, social development and environmental balance.

Since its listing on the stock exchange in 1999, the definition of industrially advanced public service business models – also thanks to the collaboration of private partners – has characterised Acea’s development phases and the consolidation of new industrial activities. The most recent years in Acea’s history are distinguished as much by the development of technological innovation and the digitalisation of processes and services, with the aim of increasing operating efficiency and improving the quality of the services as the renewed vocation for developing modern network infrastructures that are resilient and integrated, as well as able to forecast a widespread and sustainable development.