GRI standard content index

Standard GRI standard content index: reporting principles, general standards and specific material standards

The Sustainability Report was prepared in accordance with GRI Standards (ed. 2016): comprehensive 128 option, as shown below in the GRI Content Index, which includes:

  • reference to Reporting Principles (GRI 101 - Foundation2016);
  •  the definition of the 56 general standards (GRI 102: General Disclosure 2016) and 25 specific topics (“Topicspecific Standards”: 200-Economic, 300-Environmental, 400-Social) deemed material and relevant indicators, with the indication of sections and pages of the document where they can be found - or responses to the indicators - and reporting of any omissions or “non-materiality” of certain indicators included in material topics;
  • the extension of the “materiality” of each topic (specific standards), in other words its significance within the organisation (Group or companies traceable to specific business sectors) or outside of it (for example supply chain, community).

Lastly, the right-hand columns of the Content Index give the main compliances with the topics provided under Legislative Decree no. 254/2016.

[128] The definition of the general and specific standard elements have been translated from the English version of the Consolidated set of GRI Sustainability reporting standards 2016, see the original edition.

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