Environmental accounts overview

Reference boundary

The perimeter of the Environmental Account is consistent with the reporting perimeter of the Sustainability Report (pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 254/2016), as defined in the Methodological Note.
The water companies in which Acea has an investment: Acque, Acquedotto del Fiora, Publiacqua and Umbra Acque – consolidated in the Financial Statements with the equity method – are marginally included in the Environmental Accounts and only relative to the aspects which are specifically signalled in the text. Please see the chapter Water Company data sheets and overseas activities (outside the perimeter of the Consolidated Non-Financial Statement). The company Gori, which joined the scope of consolidation on a line-by-line basis in November 2018, has not been included within the scope of the consolidated non-financial statement for this reporting cycle, but is considered to be the same as the other water companies in which it has an interest.

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