Communication, events and solidarty



The definition of the communication policies and development of the image of Acea Group is managed by the External Relations and Communications Department, set up in the Parent Company during 2018. By means of appointed organisational Units, this Department draws up, steers and coordinates the initiatives of communication and institutional, journalistic and commercial information.

In particular, for the main external communications, the Advertising, Brand Image and Events Unit is entrusted with the enhancement of the brand, the management of the Group’s corporate identity, the implementation of institutional, advertising and commercial campaigns and the organisation of public or institutional events, including the annual Shareholders’ Meeting, the development and management of environmental education and solidarity projects, as well as special projects and external events aimed at strengthening the link between Acea and the region. In accordance with the strategic guidelines defined by Top Management, the Digital and Corporate Media Unit coordinates the process of developing and managing the Group’s website and the individual websites of the subsidiaries, as well as developing and managing the Group’s communications in the main social media websites, also in coordination with the other corporate structures responsible for customer relations for customer care activities. It ensures the processing and updating of corporate, operational and commercial editorial content for the various Digital, Web and Social channels.

In 2018 the activities of Acea Communication, the internal communication and media planning agency serving the Group, were consolidated. The agency was in charge of all phases of the advertising campaigns, from conception to publication and transmission.

Acea Communication’s team of specialists, analysts, art directors, photographers, graphic designers, copywriters and business and media planners has created creative concepts, executive copy, adaptations, multimedia products, logos, image consulting and planning for all Acea’s communications campaigns. This has allowed speed of execution and a significant reduction in production and delivery costs, with a reinvestment of resources in advertising plans that have involved national media.

Some of the campaigns developed during the year include: “Roma runs on Fibre”, was dedicated to the agreement between Acea and Open Fiber for the broadband cabling of the city of Rome and involved national newspapers and magazines with issues between January and March; “Together for water”, on air in Rome for three months in July-September, was designed to raise awareness of the issue of saving water, an essential and valuable asset for the life of the planet (see the box); finally, the campaign “For a new culture of water” targeted the customers of Acea Ato 5 in the province of Frosinone via print, web and TV, seeking to raise awareness among the public and highlighting Acea Ato 5’s commitment in the area to fighting phenomena like illegal connections; Acea Ato 5 has also started a project to involve schools, called Water in small steps, aimed at making children aware of the complete water service cycle and to convey to them the importance of saving water.

Finally, in October an information campaign was carried out in the local media, on the web and in the national press during the exhibition organised at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, which opened the celebrations for the 80th anniversary of the Acquedotto del Peschiera (see the dedicated box in the section Events and solidarity).

Several communication visuals were also created, which accompanied the numerous events supported by Acea with “dedicated” advertising pages.


Seeking continuity with the similar effort made in 2017, the 2018 water saving campaign aimed to convey Acea’s commitment to the conservation of water through maintenance and investment in its plants and, last but not least, to reaffirm the importance of everyone’s commitment to combat drought, which has now become a global problem. The campaign, conceived, developed and implemented at no cost internally by Acea Communication, had as its protagonists the employees and was divided into three steps:

  • The launch of a teaser in July, with the image of the world with an arid landscape, the hands of the clock indicating that time is running out and the simple text Why? to attract attention and create curiosity and raise expectations; 
  • The Visual Together for Water, a central and massive phase of the campaign, which between July and September involved the press, the web and dynamic and static posters; the ads featured several people, all Acea employees; 
  • A recall phase in September, using the same vehicles as the central phase, again featuring a variety of Acea employees


In light of the Group’s strategic planning, the Digital and Corporate Media Unit focused on the management and evolution of infrastructure to improve its efficiency and resilience, on the consequent supply of quality services through the levers of innovation, investments and acquired skills, on sustainability and dialogue with the local region has deemed it necessary to rethink the Group’s digital identity, to arrive at a new digital ecosystem capable of:

  • clearly stating the Group’s values, mission and new industrial positioning through a dedicated corporate website; 
  • developing a commercial platform that allows reaching preset sales targets.

It therefore seemed appropriate to separate the commercial content relating to the sale of energy from the corporate content and that of the water companies. In September 2018 the Acea Energia website went live, completely verticalised on commercial activities. A new web identity was developed with a digital platform renewed in its graphic design, consistent with the Acea Energia brand, with user-friendly navigation that is fluid and immediate, offering original and innovative usability features, interactions with all touch points (bots, chat, social channels) and a more effective customer journey.

During the year, the Group’s entire digital ecosystem was updated, creating a new family of domains: to maintain the traffic generated by the domain, the Acea Energia site remained at, while the corporate site was migrated to A website was also created for the protected market (the service of supplying electricity at competitive contractual conditions established by ARERA):

Finally, in 2018 the project for the development of the new Group website was launched and is still ongoing, with the aim of balancing corporate and business issues, shifting the focus to the company, highlighting the distinctive features that make it an industrial Group at the service of the population and regions where it operates. The website will go live in 2019.

With the move from a single web portal to the separation of commercial content, as mentioned above, the 2018 statistics for and are not comparable with previous years.

As regards the Acea Energia website (, in the period between 24 September 77 and 31 December 2018 935,110 pages were viewed, equivalent to 433,294 accesses to the website. The connection methods were 69.8% via desktop (302,337 accesses), 26.2% via mobile (113,392 accesses) and 4% via tablet (17,565 accesses). For the website www.servizioelettricoroma.

it, dedicated to customers in the protected market, in the last quarter of 2018 (1 October 2018 - 31 December 2018) 73,044 pages were viewed, equal to 38,183 accesses, with 59.1% of access via desktop, 36.9% via mobile and 4% via tablet.

Finally, in the period between 1 January and 23 September 78 2018 the corporate website recorded the display of 22,528,987 pages, equal to 4,041,395 accesses to the website. The connection methods were 68.8% via desktop (2,780,552 accesses), 27.1% via mobile (1,096,944 accesses) and 4% via tablet (163,899 accesses).

The age group with the highest percentage of accesses for all three websites is that from 35 to 44 years of age, with 27.8% of the total accesses for the Acea Energia website, 26.4 for the website for customers in the protected market and 28% for the corporate site.

During the year, the web channel gave broad visibility to the main events organised by Acea, as well as to the initiatives it participated in or that it sponsored or supported (see Events and solidarity below) through the publication of press releases, pages dedicated to events, photo galleries and videos in the Media and events section of the company website

Specific initiatives aimed at customers were also given visibility, like the opening of Acea Energia’s first physical shop or the involvement of the local community. These include raising public awareness of important battles like the fight against AIDS, childhood and women’s cancers, which testifies to the company’s proximity to issues with a high social impact and to educational and awareness-raising proposals aimed at young people. In this context, in fact, the section “Acea School” dedicated to Acea’s educational programme was updated.

Data related to emissions continue to be available on the website, these are monitored in real time and concern the two Acea waste to energy plants, the main quality parameters of the water supplied by the companies active in the water segment can be consulted online. From 2018 it is also possible to view online the emissions data of the district heating plant of Tor di Valle.

77 - Data related to the publication of the website
78 - Last day before the migration of the corporate site to the domain


During the year, the web channel gave broad visibility to the main events organised by Acea, as well as to the initiatives it participated in or that it sponsored or supported (see Events and solidarity below) through the publication of press releases, pages dedicated to events, photo galleries and videos in the Media and events section of the company website
Specific initiatives aimed at customers were also given visibility, like the opening of Acea Energia’s first physical shop or the involvement of the local community. These include raising public awareness of important battles like the fight against AIDS, childhood and women’s cancers, which testifies to the company’s proximity to issues with a high social impact and to educational and awareness-raising proposals aimed at young people. In this context, in fact, the section “Acea School” dedicated to Acea’s educational programme was updated.

Data related to emissions continue to be available on the website, these are monitored in real time and concern the two Acea waste to energy plants, the main quality parameters of the water supplied by the companies active in the water segment can be consulted online. From 2018 it is also possible to view online the emissions data of the district heating plant of Tor di Valle. Developed and published during the Shareholders’ Meeting held in late April, were the platforms dedicated to the Consolidated Sustainability Report and the Sustainability Report which can be consulted interactively, with open data and multimedia content. It was chosen to publish the reports online in a single frame to highlight the multiple correlations.

Created as a channel for the promotion of electricity and gas offers and for the dissemination of Acea Energia’s commercial initiatives for the Free Market, Acea Energia’s Facebook channel (about 12,900 followers) has also become an important touch point for managing customer requests. In addition, the operators dedicated to the management of the page guide and support the customer in the activation and use of online services available in the MyAcea customer area of the website LinkedIn (about 20,400 followers) also remains active as a professional social network to share initiatives promoted by the Group and new career opportunities.

Moreover, in order to tell our stakeholders about all the company’s activities and to be present in the social world, in 2019 we will be developing corporate channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube). Each platform will assume a specific role and will speak to well-defined targets, dealing mainly with issues concerning the life of the company, with a particular focus on innovation and technology, sustainability and community, business and talent.
The communication methods implemented by Acea with the national and local media and managed by the Media Relations Unit have always pursued objectives of timeliness, effectiveness and transparency, with the aim of conveying the correct corporate image and the Group’s position through the media.

During 2018, through the circulation of press releases and, where appropriate, with the organisation of press conferences, the results achieved and the initiatives launched were disclosed together with information of public interest related to the managed services. In harmony with the appointed functions, such as Investor Relations, Legal and Corporate Affairs and Administration Finance and Control, the economic-financial communication was managed on the occasion of corporate events such as the Shareholders’ Meeting, approval by the Board of Directors, of the financial results and circulation of news classified as “price sensitive”.
Through interaction with the relevant operating companies and with the editorial offices of the newspapers that are available to publish the company’s responses, Media Relations has responded to the main reports of inefficiencies – both in terms of public lighting and the supply of electricity to private individuals, as well as in terms of water services – published in newspapers. Other reports are received by post and direct telephone contacts and are promptly answered. 

Media Relations has made a special effort to maintain and increase relations with the national, international, local and sector media, seeking to establish a mutual respect for roles, transparency and proper cooperation. The Unit also developed and managed the activities related to the national and local press review, which is made available on a daily basis through the company intranet. Every day, through the constant monitoring of press agencies and the web (web news, social media and blogs), information about the Group and relevant information for business activities is also highlighted.

Below are some moments of particular interest that occurred during the year:

  • the press conference to present the agreement signed with Open Fiber following the Memorandum of Understanding of the previous August, which defines the terms and conditions of the overall industrial agreement for the development of an ultra broadband communications network in the city of Rome;
  • the management of communications during emergencies related to sinkholes that came one after another in different areas of the city of Rome, especially in the first part of the year. In this regard, Media Relations has always esponded in real time to the numerous requests that came from the media, providing information about the time needed to restore the services and any other information necessary for the correct communication of the facts by journalists; 
  • the press release and the media awareness actions for the water saving campaign “Together for water”;
  • the press release drawn up for the presentation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed by Acea and Huawei with the aim of assessing projects in infrastructure and service innovation, particularly in the area of smart&safe cities and the technological evolution of the networks managed by Acea;
  • the press release about the opening event of the first Acea Energia physical shop in Ostia;
  • the press conference for the presentation of the events organised by Acea for the 80th Anniversary of the Acquedotto del Peschiera (see the box below);
  • the press release to formalise the acquisition of 51% of the company “Pescara gas distribution” which in fact marked Acea’s entry into the sector;
  • the press conference to announce Acea’s entry into the Foundation of the Opera House of Rome in support of opera music and culture.

Media Relations also provided media coverage of the main events and initiatives carried out by Acea through press articles, television, radio and web services, including those in the field of value liberality and sponsorship.

Events and solidarity

The economic value distributed to the community in 2018 is equal to 3.9 million Euros 79 (2.4 million Euros in 2017). Of which about 2.8 million were allocated to sponsoring cultural, social and sporting events.
The appropriations as donations to associations for social purposes and to ONLUS were equal to 327,000 Euros (229,000 in 2017).

Each year, Acea provides its services, such as the supply of electricity and water or turning public lighting on or off during events that attract a large turnout, of a cultural or sporting nature, or in particular circumstances of a solidarity and symbolic nature. In 2018, these services, called “technical sponsorships”, had a total economic value of € 116,650, in line with the previous year when it had been € 117,000.

In June 2018, Acea’s Board of Directors established the Executive Committee with responsibility for Institutional Relations, Sponsorships and Charitable Contributions (see also Corporate Identity, Corporate governance and management systems). The Sponsorship and Value Liberality Unit reports to this body, with the task of instructing and managing requests from the entire region and from the Group’s corporate structures.

Acea actively participates in many events related to its business activities, and supports – even with sponsorships – initiatives considered of high cultural, social and sports value that benefit the community and have as their objective the development of the areas it operates in (see also the boxes at the end of the section).

Some of the most important events organised by Acea in 2018 include, first of all, the frequently mentioned initiatives aimed at celebrating the 80th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone of the Peschiera Aqueduct (see the box below).

For the third year running, Acea participated at Ecomondo, the international showcase for the recovery of materials and energy, with a booth offering workshops on the circular economy, and at the Maker Faire Rome technology trade show, where it once again acted both as a sponsor and exhibitor, presenting its innovative projects applied to industrial sectors. Acea also participated in the Compraverde Forum dedicated to public and private Green Procurement policies, projects, goods and services, where it was awarded the Compraverde 2018 Social Procurement Award, an important recognition of its commitment to sustainability issues along the supply chain (see also the Suppliers chapter). Always attentive to environmental issues and to future changes, Acea took part in important international conferences on energy, water and sustainability, like Environmental governance and sustainable cities promoted by ICEF, SMICE 2018 which is part of the specialised conferences of the International Water Association and the Energy Festival, as well as other events of cultural importance related to innovation.

[79] This item also includes costs borne for “fairs and conventions” but not “technical” sponsorships.

The 80th anniversary of the peschiera aqueduct

Acea celebrated the 80th anniversary of the Peschiera Aqueduct, one of the largest spring aqueducts in Europe, fundamental for the supply of water to the capital, with various initiatives that involved the public and institutions: an exhibition with video and photographic contributions in the foyer of its headquarters, a free exhibition held from 4 October to 4 November 2018 at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, a commemorative ceremony held at the site of the springs of Peschiera and a second exhibition at the Arches of the Papal Palace of Rieti.

The exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, “1938-2018 80° dell’Acquedotto del Peschiera”, sought to retrace the history of the aqueduct’s life, which today remains the most important water infrastructure serving Rome and part of Lazio: from its design to construction and up to the launch of operations, displaying correspondence between the Rome Governor’s office, Acea (then Agea) and Acqua Marcia for the award and approval of the works; procedures and specifications, reports and diagrams, technical drawings of the systems, topographic maps; film clips from Istituto Luce and Rai dating back to the 1920s and 1930s and images from the historical archives.

A commemorative ceremony was held at the main site of the Peschiera Aqueduct on 10 October, officiated by the Bishop of Rieti, in memory of the workers who died during the construction of the infrastructure, in the presence of the public and regional and local institutions. As a sign of its closeness to the region, on the same day the free exhibition “1938-2018 80° dell’Acquedotto del Peschiera” was opened to the public until 5 November 2018 at the Arches of the
Papal Palace of Rieti.

For the anniversary, a valuable publication with the most important historical images and documents was also produced as an exhibition catalogue, and a commemorative bronze medal was commissioned and produced, based on an exclusive design by the Scuola d’Arte della Medaglia.

Acquedotto del Peschiera

Ecomondo 2018: Circular economy

Acea once again participated in Ecomondo, a point of reference for the green and circular economy, with the aim of presenting to the public and professionals the industrial expertise related to the Environment sector, the ongoing projects related to the circular economy and investments for sustainable development in the Environment, Water and Energy industrial segments envisaged in the 2018-2022 Industrial Plan. The event took place on 6-9 November at the Fiera di Rimini Exhibition Centre and saw the presence of Acea with a booth of about 200 square metres where topical meetings, workshops and seminars were held, with a specific focus on the circular economy, and in particular on innovative technologies connected with the recov ery of materials and energy obtained from the processing of waste.

Among the new developments of this edition, the institutional presence at the main session of the General Assembly of the Green Economy, with the participation of the Chairman of the Acea Committee for Ethics and Sustainability in the panelThe role of green companies for growth and employment”, as well as participation in other sessions of conferences organised during the trade show and the offer of an educational course on the water cycle, which involved schools through meetings and laboratory experiments with technicians specialised in the quality control of water.

Circular Economy

The main sports events sponsored or organised during the year sponsored by Acea include the Acea Marathon of Rome, an international event that took place on 8 April 2018 that was attended by more than 14,000 athletes from around the world, and the “Roma Ostia” Half Marathon with more than 11,500 participants, the traditional Trophy Acea-Volley School, which for this edition involved 3,500 young people from high schools in Rome and the metropolitan area, during which initiatives were organised to raise awareness among young people on the proper use of water for World Water Day; the fourth edition of Acea Camp, now one of the most important sports initiatives dedicated to the youngest residents in the capital, which involved 2,500 children (see the box for details).

Manifestazioni sportive

Among the other initiatives of major importance and impact on the region, the entry of Acea as a new partner and member of the Foundation of the Opera House of Rome should be mentioned.
Alongside the Foundation, Acea will provide support for the promotion of culture and, in particular, of opera and classical dance.
In collaboration with the Lazio Region, Acea also signed an important new permanent artistic lighting project for the Castle of Santa Severa, contributing to the important redevelopment of the entire area. In agreement with the Municipality of Benevento and in collaboration with Gesesa, the Roman Theatre of Benevento has also been brought back to life thanks to the lighting design work of Acea’s professionals (for both initiatives see the boxes in the part dedicated to public lighting, in the section Quality delivered).
As mentioned above, Acea’s participation in raising public awareness of issues of social importance continues. For the national prevention campaigns dedicated to women – Pink Ribbon and Pink October – Acea offered technical sponsorships, with the lighting of the Colosseum and the Palace of the Lazio Region; it contributed to the campaign “Accendi d’oro, accendi la speranza” (Light up gold, light up hope) promoted by the Peter Pan association in support of paediatric oncohaematology, lighting up the Triton Fountain, the Cestia Pyramid and the Colosseum in gold on 21-23 September 2018; for the Day against the Death Penalty, in collaboration with Sant’Egidio, it lit up the Colosseum; for the traditional Race for the cure organised by Susan G. Komen-Italy at the Circus Maximus, Acea offered the supply of water and energy; Acea also joined the World Day against Violence against Women established by the General Assembly of the United Nations, illuminating its headquarters in Piazzale Ostiense in red, and for the World Day against AIDS sponsored by the Ministry of Health it projected the AIDS logo on the Cestia Pyramid; finally, it participated in the initiative M’illumino di meno 2018 to raise awareness of the reduction of energy consumption in concert with the Department of the Environment of Rome, turning off the Trevi and Capitol fountains for 30 minutes.

In 2018 Acea welcomed visitors to its facilities, making available the expertise of its employees. There were 51 visits during the year for a total of 13,289 people, both from Italy and abroad. The high number of visitors included students and teachers (for a total of 7,675 people) involved in the Acea School project promoted by Acea, who, during the days dedicated to the presentation of the production cycles for energy, water and the environment were also accompanied on a visit to some of the Group’s plants (see the box for details). It also includes about 2,500 people who, on 12-13 May 2018 were able to visit three sites managed by Acea Ato 2 – the hydraulic castles of the Trevi Fountain and the Gianicolo Fountain and the Vergine Antico aqueduct – thanks to Acea’s involvement as an official partner of Open House Rome, and finally other visits during FAI Days and other occasions.

Acea School 2018: more than 6,900 students at think sustainable

Acea School is the environmental education programme proposed by Acea for students of schools in Rome and the Metropolitan City.
Sponsored by the Department of People, School and Community Solidarity and by the National Institute of Health, the initiative conveys information and content concerning the water cycle, the energy supply chain and waste valorisation in accordance with a sustainable development compatible with the environment. The edition developed for the 2017/2018 school year called Think sustainable! involved 123 schools. 6,966 students and 709 teachers participated, from 325 classes of elementary and middle schools in Rome and the Metropolitan City.
Lessons and workshops were held in the hall of the “La Fornace” Conference Centre in Acea. A multimedia installation allowed the use of reconstructed, modified and dynamically superimposed images and visual mapping games, involving the children and facilitating their learning experience. Three training programmes were offered that focused on the water cycle, the energy supply chain and the recycling of waste (Environment course), including visits to some plants guided by Acea experts and technicians.
The educational programme dedicated to the Environment also included a reuse lab on creative recycling, thanks to which we sought to convey the importance of recovery and recycling through works produced with post-consumer materials. Another initiative was the “School Defibrillator” Campaign, a competition with which the classes were called upon to produce a project that was the final result of research, the ten best projects being awarded with the donation of a defibrillator and a BLSD (Basic Life Support Defibrillation) Course to their schools.
The educational project did not involve any costs for the families of the pupils or the teachers.

Acea Camp 2018

With the support of CONI, Roma Capitale and CRAI, the fourth edition of Acea Camp was held in 2018. The initiative, one of the most important in the capital, offered children aged 6-14 the opportunity to play 12 sports – fencing, basketball, football, swimming, judo, baseball and softball, rugby, dance, tennis, volleyball, athletics – in the summer months of June and July under the skilled direction of Carlton Meyers, former captain of the Italian National Basketball Team, at a very low price (€50), with medical care, insurance and discounts for families with financial difficulties. New for Acea Camp 2018 was the two locations: the traditional site of the Foro Italico was joined by the Tor Pagnotta sports centre, which allowed the participation of 700 more young people than the 2017 edition, for a total of 2,500. The project combines the social and educational value of sports with the Group’s commitment to promoting issues related to respect for and protection of the environment, especially with the younger generations. In addition to recreational and sporting activities, the children were involved in an “Acea Watergame”, designed to raise awareness among young people on the importance of water. 

The following boxes describe some examples of major events supported by the Acea Group in 2018, through sponsorships or donations, subdivided according to their purpose and specifying the companies participating.

2018: Acea for culture

Sponsor of the Energy Festival, that was held in Rome in June 2018, the main national event that brings together representatives of the scientific, academic, institutional and economic worlds with the intent to debate energy issues and promote a new culture of energy in the Country (ALLEA S.r.l.).

Sponsor of the 6th edition of Maker Faire, the most important European event dedicated to digital manufacturing, which was held in Rome on 12-14 October 2018. Acea had its own exhibition space and used virtual reality to guide visitors on a journey to discover the Water, Energy and Environment sectors. (Innova Camera)

Main sponsor of the conference Italy all fibre on the dissemination and potential of latest-generation networks (Askanews).

Contribution to the Global Forum conference held in Rome on 26 September 2018 that brought together representatives of civil society to share good practices and prospects for development with participants from more than thirty Countries.

Main sponsor of Short Theatre, the event focused on contemporary performing arts that took place in Rome on 6-15 September 2018 at Teatro India - Teatro di Roma and in the spaces of La Pelanda and MACRO Testaccio (Associazione Area06). 

Main sponsor of Open House 2018, which on 12-13 May 2018 saw the free opening of hundreds of sites of artistic and architectural interest, including some water sites managed by Acea (Open House).

Main sponsor of Roma Summer Fest, the event that took place between May and August 2018 and included 50 concerts at the Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome.

Sponsor of the 30th edition of the Marisa Bellisario Award, “Women at High Altitude”, promoted by the Bellisario Foundation, which for years has promoted the talent and merit of women. The awards ceremony took place in Rome on 15 June 2018 and the evening was broadcast by RAI (Fondazione Marisa Bellisario).

Main sponsor of the Women in Research Award, the event held in Rome on 7 October 2018 that recognised some women involved in scientific research (Istituto Spallanzani).

Sponsor of various cultural events that took place in 2018 at the Auditorium Conciliazione and at the Teatro di Ostia, including The Final Judgement produced by Marco Balich (Auditorium Conciliazione/ Teatro di Ostia).

Sponsor partner in the organisation of the 11th edition of the International Jewish literature and culture festival, held in Rome from 23-26 June 2018 (Artix).

Sponsor of the event Cento Città in Musica, an initiative which took place in the area of Rome and province with planning of cultural events and shows with free entrance or at a low price (Associazione Culturale Europa Musica).

Partner sponsor of the 12th Edition of Rome Film Festival, which took place between 18 and 28 October 2018 (Fondazione Cinema per Roma).

Partner sponsor of Alice in the City 2018, an independent and parallel section of the Festival del Cinema di Roma, which contributes to the promotion of cinema towards new generations (Associazione Culturale Play Town).

Sponsor of the 4th of the Isola della Sostenibilità Acea, Acea Sustainability Island realised on 5-7 December 2018 and promoted by the Università degli Studi di Roma Tre university to develop “sustainable ideas” (Jera srl).

2018: Acea for solidarity

Contribution to Rome Fashion Night, the first fashion show involving models in wheelchairs together with standing models, which took place in Rome on 15 June 2018 (Vertical).)

Contribution on Christmas to Agape, a paediatric foundation active in Congo.

Contribution for the 16th edition of Fiaba Day held on 7 October 2018 during the national day for breaking physical, cultural, psychological barriers and spread the culture of equal opportunities (Fiaba non-profit).

Contribution to the Andrea Tudisco Non-profit Association that supports children suffering from serious diseases and their families.

Contribution to the 2018 Gala Dinner organised by the Telethon Foundation, which supports research into rare genetic diseases.

Contribution to Dynamo Team Challenge, a fundraising event for the centre dedicated to young people with serious and chronic illnesses (Dynamo Camp).

Contribution to the initiative of MUS-E Roma Non-profit for the school year 2017/2018, which offers primary and nursery schools a free three-year training programme focused on artistic experience as a tool for the integration of children (MUS-E Roma Onlus).

Technical sponsorship for the Accendi d’oro, accendi la speranza (Light up gold, light up hope) campaign, promoted by Associazione Peter Pan Onlus for the prevention of infantile tumours. Acea promoted the initiative on 21-23 September 2018 by lighting the Triton Fountain, the Cestia Pyramid and the Colosseum in gold.

Technical sponsorship for the Race for the cure, initiative, which took place in Rome between 17 and 20 May 2018 at the Circus Maximus. This is an exhibition which includes a solidarity race of 5 km and other sport and wellbeing initiatives, organised by Susan G. Komen Italia, to support the fight against breast cancer and promote women’s health (Susan G. Komen Italia).

Technical sponsorship, lighting the Palazzo della Regione Lazio palace in pink for the whole month of October 2018. This was the symbol of the Pink October initiative, aimed at incentivising women to join breast cancer prevention programmes (Regione Lazio).

Technical sponsorship, lighting the Colosseum pink, for every weekend of October, in relation to the Pink Ribbon 2018 (LILT - Italian League to fight against cancer).

2018: Acea for sport and youth

Title sponsor of the 2018 edition of the traditional sporting event, the Rome Marathon, certified with the “IAAF Road Race Gold Label”, this is the most participated competitive event in Italy, which took place on 8 April 2018, starting from via dei Fori Imperiali (Atielle Rome Srl).

Sponsor partner of the Rome-Ostia Marathon, held on 11 March 2018 and considered the most important city marathon after the Rome Marathon (RCS).

Partner sponsor of the 2nd edition of the Rome Half Marathon Via Pacis, which was held in Rome, starting from Piazza San Pietro on 23 September 2018. FIDAL, by means of this race, pursues the message of the Pontifical Council that all religions should come together in the event with a message of peace (FIDAL).

Official supplier of A.S. Roma and S.S. Lazio football teams for sporting season 2017/2018 (A.S. Roma SpA and Infront Italy Srl).

Sponsor partner of the International Tennis Championships held in Rome on 7-20 May 2018 (FIT).

Title sponsor of edition 2018 of the Torneo Volley Scuola-Trofeo Acea, dedicated to the secondary schools of Rome and province and run by Fipav Lazio (Fipav Lazio).

Main sponsor of the 4th edition of Acea Camp, for students between 6 and 14 years old, to learn of and spread the practice of 12 sporting disciplines.
The exhibition took place in Rome between June and July 2018 (Beside Management Srl).

Contribution to sporting activity for season 2018/2019 of S.S.D Santa Lucia, a wheelchair basketball club, active in the Roman sporting panorama since the 60s (S.S.D. Santa Lucia Srl).

Contribution to ASD La Boracifera to support young teams and cadets.

Contribution to ASD Virtus Basket Aprilia, for edition 2017/2018 of the Differenzio anch’lo! [I make a difference too!] aimed at youngsters in years 4 and 5 of the Primary Schools in the municipality of Aprilia (about 1,300 estimated pupils) but also families, teachers and the entire population.